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The Healing Cycle Ride 2013

Healing Cycle 2013Sunday was my eighth year as a volunteer photographer for The Healing Cycle. All those years ago I was just a mom with a nifty new camera, taking pictures at a small private school where both my children and ┬áHeather Campbell’s children attended. I was so naive! I actually thought I would do it this once and that would be the end. Little did I know.

The experience was wonderful! The level of energy was, and continues to be, something that is unique. How can a topic like ‘end of life care’ be so uplifting? It seems illogical, we are talking about people dying of some awful disease, but it continues to be!

All of us will be faced with end of life care for either ourselves or someone very close. The ride may be complete for this year, but donations are always welcomed, and we will meet again next year at the same time, and the fates be willing…I will be there to do my best to document your ride.

More information can be found at http://www.thehealingcycle.ca


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